CWI Construction Bend, Oregon

Appliance Installation

We have been installing appliances for over thirty years. Many installations are simple and do not require electrical, gas, plumbing, HVAC or structural modifications. However, others do require adjustments because they are complex; in particular, projects that include professional appliances often require these types of modifications. Our experience with every aspect of home building ensures that we will install your appliance(s) properly. If the project necessitates modifications or even a full remodel, we can design, build-out and complete the entire project. We accept any size appliance project from installing a standard 30” stove to a new set of professional appliances or even a complete remodel.

If CWI Construction installs your appliances, they will be:

  • Appointed properly
  • Installed to current building codes
  • Installed in a manner that protects your home from damage and minimizes contractor intrusion
  • Covered by our standard installation warranty

There is no fee if you would like us to meet with you to discuss your project requirements and provide an estimate. Please, call or email us to schedule your complimentary consultation and discuss your distinctive appliance installation.

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  • Appliance Removal
  • Appliance Disposal & Recycle
  • Appliance Delivery
  • Single Or Multiple Appliance Installation
  • Cabinet Modification
  • Structural Modification
  • Complete Kitchen Remodel
  • Complete Laundry Room Remodel
  • Permit Acquisition
  • Licensed Electrical, Gas, Plumbing & HVAC Sub-contractor Employment & Management

Why Choose CWI Construction?

I am a hands-on sole proprietor and present all the way through each appliance installation. I have installed every appliance personally, with a helper, in each home I have built. Why, because I want them installed perfect, and only once. My experience with all types of appliances and on-site participation give you peace of mind that the job will be done right.

Dear Craig,

Just a note to tell you how very fortunate we are to have found you to help us! Everything you’ve done has been just perfect and it has given us such peace of mind to know that we can count on you. We heard from other professionals that you were the best and we agree. Scott and I look forward to a long relationship with you and Mary Jo, we’ll be forever thankful our paths have crossed.


Dona and Scott

Dear Craig,

Thank you for helping us realize our dream. It has been incredible these past months to live here in such a wonderful area. Our home turned out to be so much more than we had ever hoped. This we know is largely due to your expertise, know how, guidance, hard work, and caring and we will always be grateful.

Arnold and Trudy

In 1996 we selected Craig Ispas to be our contractor for the home we were building in Fallbrook. It turned out to be a very fortunate selection. Craig proved himself to not only be capable, but extremely honest in all his dealings with us. He surrounded himself with good workers and when an occasion arose where there was a problem, he would see that it was corrected even if it meant doing the work himself to get it done properly.

Since our home has been completed Craig has made himself available to us when we have had a question. We are one of the fortunate ones that have said it was fun building our house! And Craig truly helped make it a good experience. We would be happy to have dealings with Craig Ispas anytime the occasion might arise and we feel he is an honest and capable man.


Jim and Betty Herrington